Ancient tradition, unique, quality

The artisan company “I Sapori del Vallo” was born in the heart of the Vallo di Diano and the Parco del Cilento, at Silla of Sassano. This is the story of a tradition that has been passed from mother to daugther. For decades, the art of making pasta by incorporating the traditional techniques has led to genuine dishes and authentic flavors of the land of Lucane being served at our tables. Thanks to the intuition of owner Salvatore Calandriello, and his awareness of the important Cilento gastronomic tradition of producing the freshest pasta – in 1994, with his wife Francesca, he decided to embrace this artisan tradition with the purpose of making known the flavors of his land with the whole world, guaranteeing an authentic product. Supported by his three children Rosaria, Donatella and Donato; he started up a small, family-based company. The products, whose goodness and quality combine in perfect harmony with the continued tradition of producing the finest homemade pasta, are made by hand with a mixture of water, eggs and flour or semolina. They have synthesized the story of a family company that wanted to carry on a local tradition and create an exceptional product, whose roots and culture are part of work that consistently satisfies the needs of a clientele that has become more demanding and seeks simple and healthy products. A happy balance between quality craftmanship and professionalism in the art of producing. And the story continues… ancient tradition, uniqueness and quality.