The Mediterranean Diet is the set of eating habits of the peoples of the basin of the Mediterranean , which are consolidated in the centuries and remained almost unchanged until the economic boom of the ’50s.

This set of habits consists mainly of abundant consumption of:
– bread
– pasta
– vegetables
– salads
– legumes
– fruit
– Dried fruit

In addition, the characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet include a moderate consumption of fish, poultry, dairy products and eggs. Consumption of red meat and wine is limited compared to the diets of other areas of the world.

To ensure the intake of fat, between the peoples of the Mediterranean is widespread consumption of olive oil , which contain top quality fat, less harmful than animals, and even healthy for the body .

Among the main characteristics of the Mediterranean diet include:
– Low levels of saturated fatty acids
– Carbohydrate and fiber wealth
– High in monounsaturated fatty acids (derived mainly from olive oil)